Artist Statement

I want my art to be like breathing, like screaming, like exercising. I want my art to be transformative. I want it to be so complicated, and at the same time so simple. I want to prove just how important technique and craftsmanship are for conveying something essential, maybe a single idea, maybe a million ideas. I want my art to expose the truth, as I see it. My artistic process is the only place where I feel true happiness, my only method of transcending crushing loneliness and self-destructive sadness. I am an observer of humans, nature, and history. Every day I feel alienated by technology. Since there are no longer any new, original ideas left, I have no choice but to return to old, classical ideas. As people surge forward with progress, I fly backwards to the power of old traditions and techniques that artists used hundreds of years ago. I am influenced by Caravaggio and his followers, by impressionism and Van Gogh, by the Renaissance masters. I am also influenced by queer photographers Nan Goldin and Peter Hujar; writers James Baldwin, George Orwell, Octavia Butler, and bell hooks; and by comics artists Eddie Campbell, Scott McCloud, Alison Bechdel, and Phoebe Gloeckner. Punk rock is also my driving force, the backbone of my philosophy. Please contact me with any questions or ideas.